I have had Don Lakeberg as an up-line manager for over 5 years. Don has always been there for me whenever I needed help with anything, or even just a sounding board. Don is always quick to respond, and is always in regular contact to see how I am doing. I am honored to have Don as an up-line and a friend.  
- Doug

 A couple of years ago, my wife, Anita and I moved from the Portland area to Salem. Both of us had been on Medicare for approximately two years. I had some serious health issues and required doctor visits and more importantly, expensive prescriptions. We quickly found out that the PPO plan we were on in Portland was not offered in Salem! We went into panic mode and began to ask our family and friends for recommendations. Our daughter recommended Don Lakeberg to us. Don sat down with us and walked us through the pros and cons of various Medicare plans. Thanks to Don’s knowledge and wisdom he helped us choose a plan that fit our medical needs and most importantly, our budget. We want to personally recommend Don Lakeberg Group, Inc. for all your Medicare needs .  
- Jeff and Anita W.